#ViewsNWBX // Trends in Bronx Multifamily Housing and New Construction

Views from the Northwest Bronx is University Neighborhood Housing Program’s blog series aimed at framing an inclusive and informed discussion on issues affecting the affordability and viability of Northwest Bronx neighborhoods today. While the topics addressed in the series, covered changes in community development, Bronx demographics, multifamily housing sales, and the impact of city housing policy and private investment in the borough, are by no means exhaustive, the data presented and analysis offered sheds light on many of key issues from a Bronx perspective.

#ViewsNWBX is comprised of ten on-line essays as well as introductory, summary and community feedback blog posts. UNHP has broken the blog series up into the four main themes covered in the series. ​​Selected posts, to the right, from the Views from the Northwest Bronx blog series focus on trends in Bronx multifamily housing and new construction.

Appraisals and Affordability: The Wilton advocates for an increased focus on quality and condition when appraising properties instead of focusing on assessed value – which is based off of comparable sale prices. 6.2M BIP Data Points; More Needed to Improve NYC Rental Housing looks at distressed multifamily properties in NYC identified through UNHP’s Building Indicator Project and the buildings that UNHP may not be capturing due to lack of data. Is the Bronx Building? Look for Yourself discusses the unprecedented level of building occurring in the Bronx and its many possible ramifications. Preferential Rents: Benefit or Threat? looks at the increasing use of preferential rents ( negotiated less than the legal rent) that could undermine the the financial stability of multifamily buildings and its lenders as well as threaten the tenancy of Bronx residents.

In the words of Iris, a Bronx resident:

We need housing and it is good if they’re bringing the neighborhood up, but we can’t have displacement.

Check out the three other themes from our #ViewsNWBX blog series below.

A Call for Community-Based Development

Concentration of Poverty, Homeless Policy and Prevention


Views NWBX Introduction, Summary, Presentation and Neighborhood Response

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