Over 30 years and we’re still here! And still fighting - striving for decent, affordable housing for everyone in the Northwest Bronx and for people of modest means throughout the City. University Neighborhood is not alone in the thought that the Bronx is still worth fighting for - our many accomplishments have been won with the support and participation of so many.

Celebrate our many recent accomplishments by raising a glass on Thursday, September 12th,2019 at the Bronx Beer Hall. For our 2019 Bronx Beer Hall fundraiser, UNHP is seeking sponsorships to support our work to create and preserve affordable housing and provide needed resources to the Northwest Bronx.

If you would like to be a sponsor, you can make a donation to UNHP on this page for a small extra processing fee, or use this form to mail in a check or make a reservation to pay at the door by check, cash or credit card.