What We Do: UNHP & Mission 2021

“This is What We Do” is a series of events that illustrate the unique ways that UNHP works towards its affordable housing and Bronx community service mission as well as an effort to raise funds for that work through sponsorships and donations. As a community-based housing developer, Bronx-focused researcher, and direct services provider, UNHP uses Research and Action, Community Development, and Direct Service to create and preserve affordable housing and bring resources to our Bronx community. It has been over a year since the pandemic hit the Bronx early and hard. The destabilizing and devastating consequences are unfolding in our community and on affordable multifamily housing in NYC. UNHP continues to be a trusted resource for Bronx residents through our outreach and direct service work at Northwest Bronx Resource Center. Our research and action initiatives have provided timely and relevant information to lenders, policymakers, and affordable housing owners.

On Thursday, September 23rd UNHP held the last in its mission-driven event series called What We Do: UNHP & Mission. The six What We Do events + the finale highlighted the ways we work to create and preserve affordable housing and bring resources to our Bronx community. Links to the replay and each event summary can be found on our What We Do blog post.

Watch the Webinar Replay Here.

UNHP’s seven What We Do events were attended by 279 individuals from a range of affordable housing partners and community stakeholders including financial institutions, non-profit partners, community groups, English and Spanish speaking Bronx residents, affordable housing building operators, public agencies, national foundations & affordable housing players.  UNHP prides itself on being nimble, and responsive to emerging issues and needs in our Bronx community. The What We Do events highlighted the ways we work towards our mission but also show the ways that UNHP has been responding to the unfolding economic and health crisis brought about by the pandemic on all levels – from the disruption in the real estate market in NYC, our own scramble to stabilize the multifamily rental housing in our portfolio – to the personal toll that has been experienced by Bronx families and individuals.

Below are the seven What we do events with links to their summary:

o 5/27/21 – Water and Sewer Seminar

o 6/21/21 – Posted Two “Housing Connect” Blogs

o 7/14/21 – Affordable Housing Building Operators Meeting

o 7/28/21 – Multifamily Lenders and BIP Meeting

o 8/10/21 & 8/12/21 – Spanish and English COVID Relief Programs for Community Members 

o 8/30/21 & 8/31/21 – Two-Day Bronx Nonprofit and Financial Empowerment Exchange 


o 9/23/21 – What We Do: UNHP & Mission Finale Sponsor Recognition & Webinar 

Available for download on this page are the presentation materials for some of the What We Do Events.