July 13, 2021

This Is What We Do: UNHP & Mission - A Series of Virtual Events and Annual Fundraiser


“This is What We Do” is a series of events that illustrate the unique ways that UNHP works towards its affordable housing and Bronx community service mission as well as an effort to raise funds for that work through sponsorships and donations. As a community-based housing developer, Bronx-focused researcher, and direct services provider, UNHP uses Research and Action, Community Development, and Direct Service to create and preserve affordable housing and bring resources to our Bronx community. It has been over a year since the pandemic hit the Bronx early and hard. The destabilizing and devastating consequences are unfolding in our community and on affordable multifamily housing in NYC. UNHP continues to be a trusted resource for Bronx residents through our outreach and direct service work at Northwest Bronx Resource Center. Our research and action initiatives have provided timely and relevant information to lenders, policymakers, and affordable housing owners. We invite you to read further to check out our What We Do events, read about their results, and sponsor or donate to the series. You can also register for the event finale on September 23rd at 4 pm.

How can you support UNHP in What We Do as a Sponsor or Community Level Donor?

UNHP is requesting your support as a sponsor or donor for this series of events. Your support in turn helps us to do What We Do. The names of sponsors will be etched onto a custom-designed pint glass, displayed on our website, listed on our program finale, and in the electronic program. Checks made out to UNHP are preferred for sponsorships, and credit card payment for an additional processing fee and a sponsorship form are available on our DONATE page. Contact Cathy Clarke with questions or for more information at clarke@unhp.org Sponsorship levels

Affordable Housing Sponsor $2,600 Research and Action Supporter $1,600 Bronx Services Supporter $1,000 #ViewsNWBX Supporter $600

Community-level donations are available to our Bronx friends and non-profit partners starting at $25 and up. Donors will receive a pint glass, a Bronx tea towel, and a mention on our website.

UNHP Board Member, VaNessa LaNier in her introduction to the first event in the series captured our thoughts on this fundraiser well:

UNHP has a history of addressing issues of concern in all these different areas that affect Bronx neighborhoods and affordable housing. And as we thought about our traditional fall fundraiser, we recognized that we did not feel ready to reconvene our annual Beer Hall event. We are doing a virtual fundraiser again this year and we are going to do a rolling set of This Is What We Do seminars on issues affecting our neighborhoods and affordable housing. We are doing this first seminar on Water and its impact on affordable housing. The “This Is What We Do: UNHP and Mission” series is both our work and our effort to raise funds for that work.

For those that know UNHP and our dedication to Water and Sewer Rate reform, it will come as no surprise that the first event in our What We Do series was a virtual Water and Sewer Online Seminar. While we like to joke about our obsession with water and sewer rates - it is really no joke to affordable rental housing - as these costs can eclipse the yearly cost of heating for a building. UNHP regularly convenes a group of private and non-profit affordable multifamily housing owners, and managers to share and discuss issues that affect the ongoing maintenance and operation of the properties as decent, self-sustaining, and affordable. UNHP brings both our experience as a community-based developer and our targeted research on issues to share in these meetings. At the May 27th, Water and Sewer Seminar, UNHP, shared a brief history of the changes that brought about the never-ending increases and a call for involvement about proposed rate increases, a new metered billing rate, and a study of the rate structure. The Seminar had over 40 participants primarily, affordable housing owners, managers, and lenders. Read more about our water and sewer rate reform call to action and review the data on this summary blog post.

Events for What We Do: UNHP & Mission Virtual Series and Annual Fundraiser

As an NYC Housing Ambassador since 2017, UNHP has helped thousands of Bronx residents apply for the NYC online affordable housing lottery. If only we could say that thousands have gotten an affordable apartment with our assistance. This three-part blog series shares our experience as a service provider, the experiences of Bronx applicants, and research on whether Housing Connect has served low-income Bronx apartment seekers. Click here for the Housing Connect Blog series.
31 individuals representing 12 multifamily building management and development organizations with over 15,000 units met via Zoom to discuss issues affecting affordable housing. Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the day-to-day running of affordable multifamily housing - tenant and building staff safety, loss of residential and commercial income, new Emergency Rental Relief programs, and the ongoing issues with rising operating cost ( especially insurance premiums) - were just a few of the items on the agenda for this meeting. UNHP looks forward to sharing the issues raised at this convening to inform policy and strategize with affordable housing partners. Read about the issues discussed at the meeting and a summary here.
This really is What We Do! Every year for the last 11 years, UNHP brings together leading lenders to review the changes in multifamily conditions with an eye towards responsible investing, affordability, and ongoing building habitability.
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The UNHP Northwest Bronx Resource Center is collaborative in nature as our interconnected free financial and housing services are offered with six other effective groups. This virtual exchange will include additional non-profits and agencies and a sharing of ways we can work together to serve Bronx residents.

REGISTER HERE! All are welcome as we host a brief webinar to recognize our sponsors and donors. UNHP staff and board will share the successes of What We Do.

Join our growing list of sponsors and donors today!

Affordable Housing Supporters

  • Apple Bank for Savings
  • Dime Community Bank
  • Dougert Management
  • Enterprise Community Partners
  • Lemle & Wolff Companies
  • Morgan Stanley
  • NorthEast Community Bank
  • Sycamore Birch Management Company
  • WMW Realty Management

Research & Action Supporters

  • Brian J. Byrne & Jean McBride-Byrne
  • VaNessa LaNier
  • Jim, Joanie & Jack
  • New York Community Bank
  • Skyline I LLC

Bronx Services Supporters

  • TRYAX Realty Management
  • Benchmark Title Agency
  • Brown & Brown of NY
  • Emigrant Bank
  • Jim, Joanie and Jack
  • M&T Bank
  • Mike Lappin LLC
  • Henry Schwalbenberg


  • Sandra Erickson Real Estate, Inc.
  • Dick Conley & The Conley Family
  • Fordham Campus Ministry
  • USA East Province of the Society of Jesus
  • Workforce Housing Group



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