UNHP Free Tax Preparation CANCELLED/El programa de preparación de impuestos gratis de UNHP ha sido cancelado

Acting out of safety for our clients, volunteers, and staff, UNHP will discontinue our Free Tax Prep Program for 2020.

UNHP is reaching out to all those with scheduled appointments to inform them of the cancellation. Most NYC Free Tax Prep sites are closed due to COVID 19. We will update this event if Free Tax sites reopen or drop off tax service is available.  Call UNHP at (718)933-2539 with questions 

Call (718)933-2539


Housing Connect by Phone

​Monday - Friday 9 am - 5pm

Call (718)933-2539 if you have a Housing Connect account and would like to apply for new lotteries, update your information, or have a question.UNHP can also connect you to a Financial Counselor

Over the Phone Consult


Due to the current health crisis, face to face assistance is no longer available at the Northwest Bronx Resource Center(NWBRC). You can still call us at (718)933-2539. Our phones are being answered remotely by our staff.

We can:

  • Update your existing Housing Connect account
  • Help you apply for affordable housing lotteries
  • Give you information on local Bronx resources for meals, food pantry and other essential needs
  • Connect you with a trained Financial Coach to provide financial coaching over the phone
  • Connect you with a Tenant Support Specialist

Financial Coaching by Phone Via NTFP Trusted Advisor

​Meet 1:1 over the phone or by SKYPE with a Trusted Advisor to address pressing financial concerns

By Phone: Call UNHP at (718)933-2539 for information Or You can Text UNHP to 646-349-5959


Tele-coaching service TrustPlus is designed to provide financial coaching via phone or Skypesupported by digital toolsto workers experiencing shocks, navigating cash flow challenges, and deciding which bills to pay. Offered by Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners to UNHP program users, it’s free professional and confidential!

All services and tools are available in English and Spanish (Monday - Saturday 9am-9pm).

  • A financial coach can help with:
  • Money management & Budgeting
  • Credit & debt management (establish, repair, repayment)
  • Banking and financial products
  • Savings Planning

To book an appointment UNHP Clients should text UNHP to 646-349-5959 or call UNHP at (718)933-2539 for help

Name, phone number and email are all that’s needed.


Getting Ahead - Personal Finance Workshops
Thursday, May 7, 2020
May 7, 2020, 6:00pm-8:00pm

2751 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10468 Near East 196th St


The Getting Ahead program is a four-session financial empowerment class designed to help you identify and work towards your own financial goals. You will create a financial plan that is actionable, and access building-block financial products to improve money management skills and build a healthy personal spending plan (aka budget).

Next cycle begins @ Concourse House on Thursday, May 7, 2020 and continues for the following three Thursdays through May 28, 2020.

When: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

This course will be offered in English. The next Spanish language course will be offered from June 16 until July 14, 2020.

Where: 2751 Grand Concourse, near E 196th St

RSVP by:
calling 718-933-2539 or visiting our website

The course is free and space is limited! Secure your spot now.

At the four-week Getting Ahead workshop, you treated with the individual attention you deserve to establish a roadmap to financial stability.

By the end of the 4 session workshop, graduates will:
Results are impressive! After 24 months on average,

  • Receive completion certificate, free credit report, and score
  • Identify a long-term financial goal and create a plan with clear action steps to achieve this goal (i.e.Homeownership, entrepreneurship, retirement or higher education)
  • Learn about the Gateway Banking Package, a selection of socially responsible financial products offered by partner community development credit unions and designed specifically to help clients GET AHEAD
  • Participate in a one-on-one counseling session with an expert Neighborhood Trust Financial Advisor to address individual debt, credit, budgeting and savings issues

Credit Card Debt reduced by $2,000

Majority of Clients Improve Credit Score by 65 points


Bronx Legal & Financial Clinic for 1-4 Family Home, Coop and Condo Owners
Wednesday, Mar 11, 2020
March 11, 2020, 10am-4pm

Northwest Bronx Resource Center (NWBRC) at Refuge House 2715 Bainbridge Avenue Bronx, NY 10458


The UNHP Northwest Bronx Resource Center is hosting a daylong walk-in clinic for Bronx 1- 4 family home, coop and condo owners on Wednesday, March 11th at Refuge House. The Legal Aid Society will be in attendance to assist with city lien ( taxes, water, and sewer) issues, enroll owners in the discounted NYC real estate tax programs for senior citizens and the disabled, address mortgage concerns and current homeowner scams to avoid for local homeowners.

FREE Bronx Homeowner Financial and Legal Clinic

  • Legal Aid Society
  • NYC Discount Tax Programs for Seniors (SCHE) and Disabled (DHE) - program deadline 3/15!
  • Mortgage or Refinance Document Review
  • Mortgage & City liens - late payment programs, info, and counsel
  • Information on latest scams targeting homeowners
  • Call (718) 933-2539 to RSVP
Salir Adelante. Clases Finacieras Personalizadas
Tuesday, Mar 3, 2020
March 3, 2020, 6:00pm-8:00pm

2759 Webster Ave Bronx, NY 10458 Near East 197th Street


!Tome los pasos para salir Adelante!

¿Estas interesado en estabilidad financiera? ¡UNHP le puede ayudar! Ayuda gratuita y profesional está disponible.

Tome control de sus finanzas en el próximo Taller de Educación Financiera, patrocinado por University Neighborhood Housing Program. El curso, en Español, empieza el Martes, 03 de Marzo de 6:00-8:00PM en POTS, 2759 Webster Ave, Bronx, NY 10458. Se reúne por 5 sesiones, 1 día a la semana, empezando el 3 de Marzo hasta el 31 de Marzo,cubriendo varios temas como embargos, agencias de colecciones, crédito, préstamos estudiantiles, ahorros y más.

Al final del taller de 4 sesiones, los graduados:

· Recibiran certificado de finalización, informe de crédito gratuito y puntaje

· Identificaran un objetivo financiero a largo plazo y cree un plan con pasos de acción claros para lograr este objetivo (es decir, propiedad de vivienda, emprendimiento, jubilación o educación superior)

· Conoceran el paquete Gateway Banking, una selección de productos financierossocialmente responsables ofrecidos por las cooperativas de ahorro y crédito
para el desarrollo comunitario y diseñado específicamente para ayudar a los clientes A Seguir Hacia Delante

· Participaran en una sesión de asesoramiento individual con un asesor financieroexperto de Neighborhood Trust para abordar problemas individuales de deuda,
crédito, presupuesto y ahorro

¡Los resultados son impresionantes! Después de 24 meses en promedio

La deuda de la tarjeta de crédito se redujo en $ 2,000

Mayoría de clientes mejora el puntaje de crédito en 65 puntos

¡Regístrese hoy! Registre su información en la caja a la derecha para inscribirse, llame al (718)933-2539 o visite

Espacio limitado. Taller también es ofrecido en Ingles. Workshops are also available in English starting in the winter. Call (718) 933-2539 for English language workshop.

UNHP Financial Fitness Open House
Wednesday, Jan 15, 2020
11am to 5:30pm
January 15, 2020, 11am to 5:30pm

UNHP Northwest Bronx Resource Center at Refuge House 2715 Bainbridge Avenue Bronx, NY 10458


Get ready to file your taxes and access our free financial and housing services at the UNHP Financial Fitness Open House!

  • Schedule your 2020 tax appointment with UNHP
  • Enroll in the NYC Affordable Housing Lottery ( by appointment)
  • Eviction Prevention Information
  • Meet with an Ariva Ready to Rent Financial Counselor
  • File for the NYC Rent Freeze for seniors and people with disabilities and learn about homeowner tax exemptions
  • Get information about affordable banking products and credit union options
  • Learn about opportunities for homeowner assistance, programs for first-time homebuyers, 1:1 financial advisement and free financial education workshops.
  • Get screened for SNAP and monthly food pantry
  • 4 pm FreeTax Workshop by Bronx Legal Services covering EITC denial, Tax liens, and Tax debts

Please RSVP (718)933-2539

Participating Groups:

  • Ariva Ready to Rent
  • NYC Tenants Support Unit
  • Part of the Solution POTS
  • Institute for Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) at Bronx Legal Services
  • Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union (LESPFCU)