BronxOwner Guide / Guía para Dueños de Casa

UNHP produces a number of publications including affordable housing research reports on issues affecting the Northwest Bronx, our Annual Reports, an email newsletter and blog called Views from the NWBronx. UNHP publishes Guides to offer information on a variety of topics to Bronx residents. In addition, we have been featured in a number of articles in a variety of publications including local newspapers and national magazines. If you are interested receiving our newsletter via email, please join our mailing list at the bottom of the page. Happy reading! Baje abajo para Español.

This BronxOwner Guide contains useful information for first-time Bronx homebuyers in regards to different types of ownership properties, special low-cost mortgage products and programs and price comparisons by housing type. The BronxOwner Guide also features a land-use Bronx map and the Bronx Property Price Tracker, a searchable list of properties for sale in the Bronx by type and price using the StreetEasy website. NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development does have some limited homebuyer opportunities available. Click here for Information City-Sponsored Homebuyer Properties

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Restored Homes, a part of Neighborhood Restore created this homeowner manual for new homeowners. This homeowner manual is a tool and reference guide for new homeowners to become familiar with the new responsibilities of homeownership as well as the systems within their homes. Although every home and homeownership experience is different, reviewing and referring to this document can inform homeowners in developing their own maintenance programs.

UNHP produce ciertas publicaciones incluyendo estudios sobre viviendas asequibles en el Noroeste del Bronx, nuestros Reportes Anuales, un Boletín impreso descontinuado, Anotaciones, un boletín electrónico y un blog titulado “Views from the NWBronx” Vistas desde el Noroeste del Bronx. Además, recibimos menciones en numerosos artículos en una variedad de publicaciones, tal como periódicos locales y revistas nacionales. Si le interesa recibir nuestro Boletín por correo electrónico, por favor inscríbanse a nuestra lista debajo de la página. ¡Disfrute la Lectura!

Esta Guía de Compradores BronxOwner contiene información útil para los primeros compradores de vivienda en el Bronx con respecto a los diferentes tipos de propiedades productos y programas hipotecarios especiales de bajo costo. La guía BronxOwner también incluye un mapa del Bronx y sus propiedades, provee un rastreador con lista de propiedades en venta en el Bronx por tipo y precio usando el sitio web StreetEasy.

Guía para Dueños de Casa

Thank you to Citi for supporting our work to bring financial resources to northwest Bronx residents.