May 15, 2013

UNHP Time + Attention = Extra Credit and Money for Tax Client


Ana, a homecare attendant, is busy with her work, her church and her family. Ana came to UNHP this year after an unsatisfactory experience last year with a paid preparer. Ana discovered after discussing her financial situation with a UNHP preparer, that because she paid for her daughter’s college education she was eligible for the education tax credit.  UNHP was also able to amend her return from last year to include the credit that the paid preparer did not include.  UNHP spends time with each tax client discussing their return and their financial situation so that we can file a complete return that includes all the credits a client qualifies for.  

Ana was thrilled to have the extra refund and plans to pay bills, contribute to missionary work in the Dominican Republic and continue to help pay for her daughters graduate education.  In Spanish, Ana felt  “Bien asesorada.  Me explicaron todos los creditos.  Me gusto que fue rapido y eficiente. Mi hija tambien estuvo muy contenta con los servicio. Se tomaron el tiempo en explicar el processo y los creditos que cualifique.”  In English, this translates to she felt, “Well advised. [at UNHP] they took the time to explain the [filing] process and the credits I qualified for. I liked that it was fast and efficient”. In addition, noted that her daughter, who also filed at our site “was very happy with service.”

A UNHP tax volunteer explains the tax preparation process to a client.