October 6, 2014

UNHP Summer Sessions Offer Life-Long Financial Lessons


Bingo and budgeting go hand in hand at the UNHP Financial Education Workshop held in the Community Room at West Farms Square.

Summer 2014 was a time for financial learning at local senior affordable housing projects and at community group offices near our Northwest Bronx Resource Center. Residents joined the discussion on avoiding further debt and building savings by starting to reduce banking and check cashing fees (maintenance, overdraft, ATM charges). The sessions were provided in air-conditioned community rooms and local offices and fostered an exchange of ideas among attendees.

Serviam GardensEdison Arms, and Rose Hill Apartments tenants as well as seniors at West Farms Square shared money management tips with one another. Participants noted how, over time, small expenses can be as detrimental as a reoccurring bill; equally, cutting out fees accumulates to savings, which is key to a balanced budget.

These summer session financial education workshops were attended by over 200 senior citizens, non-profit staff, youth participants and neighborhood residents around money management: credit, budgeting, consumer rights, financial justice, as well as short and long term savings goals.

The off-site workshops were hands-on, interactive and eye-opening for participants.

  • July – UNHP participated in a MetLife led retirement planning workshop for Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation, Fordham Bedford Community Services, and Concourse House. 
  • August – Money Management and Back to School Series-Serviam Gardens

    -Rose Hill Apartments

    -Thorpe Family Residence

    -West Farms Square

    -Montefiore Hospital

  • September – Getting Ahead Financial Education Workshop at UNHP, a five session class run by Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners.- Financial Justice Workshop with New Economy Project for non-profit groups. New Economy Project provided a training for the staff of UNHP and other non-profits on the history of redlining and predatory financial services in low-income communities

Jumelia and Nikki engage the senior residents at Rose Hill in a discussion about banking and budgeting. Citibank participated, and manager Jose Valdez provided information on affordable banking products for seniors.

At these workshops, UNHP scheduled appointments for financial coaching, enrolled attendees in the Getting Ahead (5 workshop course), 1st time homebuyer counseling and answered basic and complex questions asked by attendees. Through budgeting activities and our Bronx banking guides, the workshops highlighted affordable banking products and money management tools.

Check out our events page for the UNHP fall line-up of financial education workshops, including a Meet the Counselor session for home-owners and first time home-buyers, a November Getting Ahead workshop series, one-on- one financial coaching beginning October 21 and a credit workshop at West Farms Square.