March 13, 2013

Local Union Brings a Trio of Tax Clients to UNHP


Due in part to our proximity to Montefiore Hospital and a mention in the 1199 Union benefits book, we have seen many tax clients who are members of 1199, the healthcare workers union.  Rebecca L. is a senior clerk in the outpatient department and the mother of a young adult daughter.  She used H&R Block last year to file her taxes, but this year thanks to information provided by 1199, she came to file her taxes for free at UNHP and plans to use her $1,000 return to pay bills and build her savings.

Carmen knew about UNHP’s free tax preparation in her role to inform members about local services and qualified for a $4,300 tax refund.  Carmen found “the staff was helpful and offered extra services that I plan to pass on to friends and family.” Carmen went on to sign up for financial coaching and refer her son to the tax program.

Billy S. is a retired 1199 worker and he used to work as a boiler fireman in 1199 sponsored housing in Harlem.  Billy enjoyed his work and is proud to now have two sons and a grandson working in the building.  Billy has big plans for his refund as he and his wife are moving to North Carolina.  He hopes that in addition to nicer weather, North Carolina will prove to be more affordable than New York City and a good place to enjoy his retirement.

While all three clients income qualify to use our services (gross pay less than $25,000 for a single and less than $56,000 with dependents), they differ from many of our other clients whose jobs do not offer health benefits, paid sick leave, pensions and other benefits.