August 7, 2015

Home for the Summer


UNHP and its homeownership partner, The Parodneck Foundation, offered two summer events for Bronx residents interested in buying their first home. A June 18th, First-time Home-buyer Seminar, was attended by 36 Bronx residents and offered an informative presentation led by veteran loan officers from CitiCapital One, and HSBC. HUD-certified Counselors from the Parodneck Foundation and Jumelia Abrahamson, Director of the UNHP Northwest Bronx Resource Center, introduced the topic, answered questions and scheduled follow-up appointments.

Jumelia Abrahamson and Gerald Carter introduced the topic of homeownership at the First-time Homebuyer Seminar held at Concourse House on June 18th. Veteran loan officers from Capital One, Citi and HSBC provided more information to prospective home-buyers including special grants and down payment assistance available to NYC buyers.

Highlights of the presentation included information about special closing grants and down payment assistance available to eligible home-buyers, mortgage criteria, loan product comparisons, and pre-approval and buying tips.

Participants realized that the lack of down payment, credit or debt concerns may not be a total roadblock towards the path to homeownership, as long as they prepare and have the right information. Many participants took advantage of scheduling an appointment with UNHP’s financial coach in order to concretize budgets, address credit and debt issues and create a savings plan.

Also, for prospective homebuyers, an Open House was held on Friday, July 24th at the West Farms Square Community Room, in conjunction with West Farms Social ServicesWest Farms Square, a 526 unit, 8 building affordable housing complex is co-owned by UNHP and Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation. 16 West Farms tenants and neighborhood residents were able to meet with the Parodneck Foundation counselors and participated in a home-buying basics presentation offered by Jumelia Abrahamson. Gerald Carter and Noemi Aviles answered questions from the interested home-buyers and made follow-up appointments for counseling.

Jumelia Abrahamson, Director of the Northwest Bronx Resource Center, outlines home buying basics to interested homeowners at the West Farms Square Open House held on July 24.

The home-buyer events offered a wide range of information and services at the workshops, but they also offer the opportunity for follow-up for free financial services at the Resource Center. The Parodneck Foundation offered special Saturday hours for the participants of the two home-buyer events. 11 people obtained their credit reports at the events, 12 people made follow-up appointments with the home-buyer counselor and 6 people made appointments for 1:1 financial coaching at the Northwest Bronx Resource Center.

The Northwest Bronx Resource Center provides a wide variety of financial services in our community. UNHP provides topic-specific workshops and resource fairs throughout the year that provide on-the spot assistance and the opportunity for follow-up at the Resource Center and other institutions. The Parodneck Foundation offers both home-buyer education and foreclosure prevention counseling for struggling homeowners. A financial coach via The Financial Clinic works at the Resource Center two days a week. Interested home-buyers made appointments with the coach to improve credit, develop a budget and savings plans to realize their homeownership dreams. Access to healthcare and public benefits screening offered by Seedco is also available at the Resource Center.

HUD Certified Counselor, Noemi Aviles, is one of two experienced counselors from The Parodneck Foundation that are available at the Northwest Bronx Resource Center. UNHP also works with homeowners who may be struggling to stay in their homes.

Are you interested in buying your first home? Homebuyer assistance is offered twice a month. 1st and 3rd Friday of each month from 10am-6pm. Beginning August 1st, Saturday appointments are now available. Please call 718-933-2539 or visit our events page to set up your free session. ¡Todos nuestros servicios también son ofrecidos en español!