February 11, 2014

Debra’s story is Bronx story


​Debra F. was downsized in 2011 from her job as a senior document specialist. She knew things were going bad for her once the company merged and she was tasked with training other document specialists. Debra was let go and replaced by the people she trained at $10 an hour.

Debra’s story is just one that shapes the Bronx’s demographic profile with the highest unemployment rate in NYC, and a 23% decline in real median income from 1989 to 2011.

From 1989-2011, the real median household income has declined by 23% in the Bronx.

Like many others in the Bronx, Debra has been unable to find another full-time job and is in a tough spot right now. “I’ve worked all my life and I am waiting for another door to open for me.”  Her four children are all college educated and successful with families of their own.  Her kids encouraged her to go to Monroe College for culinary arts and she uses her skills as a cook for the Good News Christian Church.  Debra was very grateful that she ran across our flyer for free taxes. Not only did she get over $1,500 in a refund, but she met with a Lift counselor to track her benefits application and signed up for financial coaching.  Her refund will help her pay her rent and bills. About her experience at the Northwest Bronx Resource Center “I am very happy, God is good”