February 18, 2014

Bright Future for Future Engineer with Some Help from Mom and Dad


Devon, a young Bronx college student, has big plans and a bright future.  As an honor roll student in high school, Devon got connected with a job at the Hunt’s Point Market for a food sales company. After five years, “I’ve gotten leeway with my schedule, but no raises.” His pay has remained at $8.00 per hour.

Meanwhile, Devon has taken on studying

Engineering Science at Bronx Community College while living at home with his parents and younger siblings in the Fordham-Bedford section of the Bronx. (Their building on Valentine Ave went into foreclosure a few years ago and a

new owner is finally in place.)

Devon takes classes in the mornings and works in

the evenings to pay for his books, fees, school supplies, food and transportation. His father, a factory supervisor, helps to cover the cost of Devon’s tuition. Devon’s plan is to complete his Associates Degree and then go for

his Civil Engineering Bachelor’s Degree.

UNHP has been comparing the people we serve in our tax

and other programs with the demographic trends in the Bronx. Devon, as a high

school graduate and college student, outperforms much of his neighbors in Bronx Community District 7, where 1/3rd of community residents do not have a high school diploma or GED. Upon college graduation, Devon will be among the 18% of Bronx residents with a Bachelor’s degree. Like much of the rest of the Bronx, Devon’s wages have been stagnant and his building has had periods of financial and physical distress.

Devon has been filing taxes with UNHP for the last

two years, and every bit he saves on fees supports his own education and reduces the burden on his family. Devon came to UNHP with his Mom, who also filed her taxes for free. Good luck to you, Devon!