The State of Homeownership in the Bronx

The report The State of Homeownership in the Bronx: Sub-Prime Lending, Foreclosures, and Gaps in Homeownership Preservation represented a shift in UNHP’s work on homeownership issues from homebuyer education to homeownership preservation, research, and outreach.

Our report and forum on The State of Homeownership documented the rise in sub-prime lending in the borough from 1998 to 2004 and identified neighborhoods with high concentrations of lis pendens and foreclosure auctions. Our research analyzed the top 1-4 family lenders, the success of their loss mitigation procedures, and examined existing models for improving homeownership preservation.  The forum focused on new opportunities for affordable homeownership in the Bronx through a pilot program with the City, nonprofits, and HUD.

UNHP also published a Homeownership Guide for low and moderate income first-time home-buyers. This guide is also available for download.