UNHP COVID Relief Programs Worksheet

This guide and worksheet are available for you to check your eligibility for the various Covid Resources that are available (summer of 2021).

The UNHP Northwest Bronx Resource Center (NWBRC) is always trying to help our community members get access to the resources they need. Our dedicated staff offered an English and Spanish webinar to present information and provide guidance about various programs and resources that are currently available. This worksheet is for those looking to see if they are eligible for the programs which include the Emergency Rental Relief Program (ERAP), Advanced Child Tax Credit, Excluded Workers Fund (EWF), Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, Child Care Stabilization Grant, and COVID-19 Funeral Assistance. This worksheet is to be used when applying for the programs to keep track of your qualifications, and to lead you to the next steps of the process.

To follow along watch the recording of this Facebook Live