UNHP Bronx Covid-19 Guide for Health, Housing, Food and Financial Resources

The UNHP Northwest Bronx Resource Center (NWBRC) is committed to bringing needed resources to our Bronx community. That commitment is renewed as we face this ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We know people need information about health, food, financial, and housing resources at this time. To that end, we share this Bronx-focused Guide with links and contact information to the resources you may need. UNHP is answering our phones M-F 9 am until 5 pm at (718) 933-2539. Special thanks to Tone’Nanna and Davi Cruz, NYU student interns, who worked on this Guide.

The UNHP Covid-19 Guide to Bronx Resources includes the city and nonprofit resources available to the public that will be updated as new information comes to light. The link in Spanish is here:

UNHP Guia de Recursos por El Bronx durante Covid-19 – Salud, Finanzas, Viviendas y Alimentos

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