February 7, 2017

Sweet and Funny, the Candy Man, Passes Away


Frank Tramontano, longtime Bronxite and 12 year resident of Rose Hill Apartments passed away on Friday, February 3rd at the Bronx Veterans Hospital. Frank was funny and kind and well-loved by his many friends. Frank lived for a longtime in the Norwood section of the Bronx next door to Joe’s Auto Repair. Impeccably dressed he would go the auto shop daily, have coffee with Joe and other shop workers and answer the phone – he jokingly called himself the manager. Frank was buried today at the Long Island National Cemetery for Veterans. His memorial service was attended by many of his friends from Rose Hill Apartments, Joe’s Auto Shop and his Norwood neighbors.

Here is a blog post we did 3 years ago during our Free Tax Day for Seniors Citizens at Rose Hill Apartments that features Frank. He will be missed.

Frank was “content” at Rose Hill Apartments for low-income senior citizens, but surprised, even in 2014, that he had such a long run at the residence. Frank lived at Rose Hill for 12 years. Pictured above, Frank shares a joke with UNHP intake worker, Joe, during a UNHP Free Tax Prep day for senior citizens.

Frank is nicknamed “the candy man” at Rose Hill senior apartments, because he always has candy in his pockets. He keeps it on hand to regulate his sugar level, but he is happy to share his candy as well as a good joke. A long-time Bronx resident, and a veteran of both the Korean and Vietnam Wars, Frank moved into Rose Hill about 9 years ago. “I came here to kick the bucket, but I am still here” and still in good health and humor. Frank drives his 1999 Buick Century Custom to visit his Bronx friends and has lunch with them most days. Frank filed his taxes with UNHP right in the lobby of his building on a UNHP senior mobile day. He was pleased with the tax service, but was hoping to get more money in his return to “play the horses.” But don’t let Frank fool you – he is more likely to spend an extra dollar on a friend than the ponies!