February 14, 2014

NYC Focused Guide to Community Data Revamped


In the summer of 2000 UNHP developed our Community Resource Guide (CRG) to assist community organizations and residents locate data on their neighborhoods. The original CRG walked users step by step through a series of questions to make navigating the then-new world of online data easier. The CRG even won the Site of the Month award from Shelterforce Magazine in 2001. In the following decade we would update links and maps, though the basic design remained the same very orange look.

Way back in 2001 when CRG won Site of the Month

Needless to say, the web and data availability have completely transformed in the past 13-14 years, and we knew it was time to give the CRG a makeover. We are now proud to unveil a newly redesigned and updated version of the CRG available to researchers, community groups, and anyone else looking for data on their community.  This new version includes more user-friendly search options, an easier design flow and revised New York City maps.

A new Census Tract map of the Bronx

The CRG still includes links to major national and local databases, as well as resources on social services and all they links you’ll need to do effective property research in New York City. While the look and feel are new, the core function of CRG remains — making neighborhood and community work more powerful through data!

Visit us at: http://crg.unhp.org/