July 9, 2014

Credit Fair Attendee Reaps Housing Benefits


At the Northwest Bronx Resource Center, UNHP works every day to bring needed, crucial financial help and resources to the residents in our community. Our resources offer alternatives to predatory services and assist local residents take the steps needed to achieve their financial goals. This work can be time-consuming and requires persistence and follow-up by the participant. It is gratifying to us at UNHP when someone can resolve a problem and move forward. Mr. Preston Patterson is one of those stories.

Jumelia Abrahamson, Director of the Northwest Bronx Resource Center, assisting Mr. Patterson at the Credit Extravaganza & giving some additional information on the many resources available through the Resource Center and Refuge House.

Mr. Patterson attended UNHP’s Credit Extravaganza on June 11th after receiving an email about the event. Up until that point, Mr. Patterson’s credit report and score indicated credit problems and was preventing him from being able to find an affordable apartment to live in. At the credit resource fair, Mr. Patterson was able to see his credit report and speak 1-on-1 to a financial coach about the information on his report. The importance of credit in all aspects of people’s lives; housing, loans, education and retirement, was presented at the fair to Mr. Patterson and the other 50+ attendees. He was also one of the many that scheduled an appointment with the financial coach to follow-up on the information he learned that day.

Mr. Patterson had been working on improving his credit and was able to check on his progress through his printed credit report and address the remaining items with the help of a coach. Thanks to his efforts to resolve past credit problems, Mr. Patterson received a call informing him that he had been approved for a beautiful, 1 bedroom apartment. Mr. Patterson was overjoyed at the news and grateful for UNHP’s help. . “I appreciate all the hard work you do. This was possible because of your organization and your hard work.”

With his new apartment, Mr. Patterson, an X-Ray technician for 31 years, will be able to remain in his Fordham neighborhood.