UNHP 40th Anniversary!

40 and Still Fighting for the Bronx!

2023 marks University Neighborhood Housing Program’s 40th anniversary year. Happily, the story of UNHP is still unfolding and we will play an essential role in addressing the serious problems that are still confronting the Bronx. UNHP is a determined organization forged by the creativity and agility of the community leaders and groups that came together in the ’70s and ’80s to fight the devastation that was spreading in the Bronx. UNHP’s early staff and board came from those fights. The dedication, persistence, caring, and effectiveness that
characterize UNHP are rooted in those years. And UNHP has been fortunate to maintain and grow a board, staff and community members faithful to the group’s history and mission. The capacity and creativity of the organization and so many of its staff have brought UNHP to this 40th year with 3 major functions—research and advocacy that have been utilized by other community organizations, government, lenders, and bank regulators; a neighborhood resource center that has assisted thousands of Bronx residents over the past 10 years
with housing and personal financial issues; and oversight of hundreds of affordable apartments owned by several non-profit, community-based housing organizations.

UNHP will mark our 40th anniversary in 2023 and we invite you to join us! We are planning an in-person gathering in April, smaller virtual and in-person convening and sharing special blog posts that highlight our work over time and feature interviews with past and current leaders who have driven our work.

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“UNHP never pretended to have all the answers. We pride ourselves on identifying questions that need to be answered. When people who are directly affected by an issue have input in its resolution - realistic answers will be found.”

— Jim Buckley, UNHP Executive Director