This is What We Do: Affordable Housing Preservation Building Operators Meeting

Affordable Housing Preservation Building Operators Meeting - July 14th 2021

For the second event in our virtual series and fundraiser, This is What We Do, UNHP brought together via Zoom 31 individuals representing 12 multifamily building management and development organizations with over 15,000 units to discuss issues affecting affordable housing. The 12 organizations/businesses are committed to providing decent affordable housing to low-income tenants and own and/or manage Bronx multifamily rental buildings with affordable housing regulatory agreements. UNHP, itself an affordable housing developer with ownership involvement in 27 Bronx properties, shared our experience and research on rising insurance and water and sewer costs. Bringing together Bronx housing operators to discuss the issues that affect the housing they oversee is What We Do to understand trends and emerging issues that jeopardize affordability. It is also What We Do to escalate these issues and seek to address the policies behind the issues. Click on the PDF to the right to download the full presentation materials. To check out a summary of the meeting, click here.