This is What We Do: Multifamily Lender Meeting

Multifamily Lender Meeting - July 28th 2021

On July 28th we continued our This is What We Do series by highlighting our annual Multifamily Lenders Meeting as an example of how UNHP uses research and action to accomplish its mission to preserve affordable housing. The meeting focused on multifamily finance, specifically, the role that banks play in ensuring decent, habitable affordable housing for Bronxites. Research and Data Coordinator, Jacob Udell presented information about the state of the multifamily housing market in NYC and led a discussion about the role of multifamily lenders in housing with Chris Beck, Director of CRE Lending Administration from NYCB, and Rajiv Jaswa, Staff Attorney from TakeRoot Justice. Over 70 individuals attended, representing some 36 financial institutions. To read a summary of the presentation, check out our blog post here.