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Tenant & Homeownership Resources

Tenant's Rights

Attorney General's Tenant's Rights Guide is an overview of tenant's rights in NYC, the Office of the Attorney General Tenant's Rights Guide is a well organized document explaining the rights and responsibilities of tenants.

NYC Rent Guidelines Board Tenant's Rights Guide also offers decent information about the rights and responsibilities of tenants, but was compiled back in 1999.

NYC Rent Guidelines Board Factsheets has tenant information (like rent increases) related directly to the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal has tenant information related directly to the DHCR (like rent increases), contained in the

Tenants and Neighbors has useful information and resources on a variety of topics ranging from rent control and rent stabilization to Project-Based Section 8 (HUD) buildings to starting a tenant association.

Housing Court/Eviction Information and Assistance on Housing is a large, comprehensive legal site with listings of legal services, factsheets on housing issues, help on court processes, and links to other resources. En Español.

Housing for people living with HIV/AIDS is a list of resources for those living with HIV-AIDS, particularly focusing on legal and eviction prevention services.

City-Wide Task Force on Housing Courts Factsheets If you are facing eviction, these factsheets have information on the housing court processes, answering non-payment petitions, the holdover proceedings, housing part actions for repairs and serices, stipulations in court, eviction notices from a marshal, and when rent deposits are required.

Homeowner Resources

The NEDAP Homeowner's guide includes helpful information on housing for seniors, predatory lending, and deed theft.

HUD's guide to legal aid for housing issues includes resources on predatory lending and foreclosue. on Housing offers information on groups offering legal assistance to homeowners in foreclosure.

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Welfare and Social Services

Do you qualify for benefits?

Community Service Society Benefits Tool is a well organized site with brochures, forms and explanations of all social services.

ACCESS NYC allows users to can screen families for up to 35 City, State, and Federal health and human service benefit programs. In addition to screening, program logistics, information, and applications are provided.

Apply for Social Security Benefits The Social Security Online site allows you to apply for and calculate your benefits.

General Information

New York City Government Resident Resources Guide is a general city guide on a number of topics for residents including information on health and human services. Specific topics include public assistance, support programs, disabilities, and documents and records. The column on the left offers more options and links. on Public Benefits is a large comprehensive legal site with listings of legal services and factsheets on public benefits isssues, such as welfare, food stamps, social security, medicare/medicaid, Jiggetts, and childcare (en Español).

The Fortune Society is a New York City non-profit organization that offers prisoner re-entry services.

Guidebooks on the Welfare System

Know your Rights is a list of resources by Legal Momentum for women dealing with domestic violence and its affect on the welfare-to-work process, time off, discrimination, unemployment insurance, and other resources (including New York specific content).

Parent's Survival Guide to NYC Child Welfare System is an in depth guide to the NYC Child Welfare System and the Administration for Children's Services.

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The New York Immigration Coalition The menu on the right hand sidebar is well organized into different areas of concern for immigrants. They include many useful resources and guides on issues like immigration law, health access, housing, visa applications, public benefits, and education. Information is available in multiple languages. on Immigration A large, comprehensive legal site with listings of lawyers, factsheets on issues facing immigrants, help on court processes, and links to other resources (en Español).

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Tax, Credit, and Financial Resources

Tax Preparation Assistance

Tax forms and Instructions from:

New York State
New Jersey State
IRS (Internal Revenue Service)

Free tax preparation and assistance sites are provided through The New York Public Library. on Taxes is a large, comprehensive legal site with listings of legal services, factsheets on personal tax issues, help on court processes, and links to other resources (en Español).

Credit and Debt Resources ñ

Annual Credit Report is the only federally certified website for getting you credit report free. You are allowed one free credit report from each of the three credit reporting companies per year.

NEDAP's Resources for Consumers has a number of resources, including information and forms on dealing with credit reports, debt collection, identity theft, and Electronic Benefits Transfer (en Español). on Consumer Issues has a section on various consumer issues, including debt collection, credit and identity theft, home loan problems, and student loans (en Español).

Financial Education is a great site run by the National Endowment for Financial Education. they offer great resources from a wide variety of organizations on credit and debt, savings, retirement, investing, and financial planning. is the federal government's site on financial education. topics the site covers include Budgeting & Taxes, Credit, Financial Planning, Home Ownership, Fraud & Scams, Retirement Planning, Saving & Investing, and Starting a Small Business

Federal Reserve Financial Educational presents links on a number of topics including consumer banking, loans and credit, and consumer protection.

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