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Ownership, Mortgages, Violations and Deeds:

Find a Borough, Block and Lot number [BBL] A number of New York City agencies make certain building information available online. On some sites, you can can look up the information by building address, but for others you will need the borough, block and lot number

Find Building Registration and Violations The Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) has recently made available Building Code Violations and other information through HPD Online. Here you can look up the BBL if you only have the address, find out the registration of the building, census tract, stories, units, and emergency repairs.

ACRIS The Department of Finance has created Automated City Register Information System (ACRIS) that allows users to look up property records and transactions on specific properties searching by block and lot number, or do research on a particular party name. Mortgage and deed transactions are posted, and many include scanned images of the actual documents.

Department of Buildings Building Information System The Department of Buildings (DOB) offers real-time Building Information System data including a property profile overview containing detailed complaint information. It includes DOB violations as well as Environmental Control Board violations. You can also sometimes view the Certificate of Occupancy for a property, or any permits issued.

The New York City Open Accessible Space Information System Cooperative (OASIS NYC) allows users to look up property information and block and lot maps, searching by address or block and lot. You can find out lot size, zoning information, ownership info, and links to other property information. The site is an excellent resource for researching property information, and the new 2.0 beta version is much faster and improved. You can access the old version of Oasis here.

Research registered NY corporations through Department of State The New York State Department of State maintains a database of corporations registered throughout New York. If the owner of a building is a corporation with no name or address, you can look them up to see the name of the real owners.

Research J-51 benefits through the Department of Finance The Department of Finance has made J-51 (tax abatement) information available online. You can check whether or not a property has received any J-51 benefits over the past 30 years by searching by borough block and lot.


Property Tax and Water & Sewer Information:

The Department of Finance allows users to look up both property tax information and water & sewer information online. You can look up property tax information on any building on two different sites.

NYC's epayment center The epayment center allows the user to check open charges and make payments for proprety taxes, parking tickets, red light violations, ECB violations, business taxes, consumer affairs violations, etc. While meant more as a convenience to make payments, it also allows users to view open charges in other properties. A brand new tool allows users to find water account information by block and lot!
NYC's property reports center The property reports site allows the user to check the assessment roles, rental income, rolling sales update, rebate programs, digital tax map, etc.
NYC's property information system
The property information system allows users to search past payments, assessments, SCRIE and DRIE reports, and quarterly statements for all NYC properties.

Other Data:

Download reports by the Rent Guidelines Board The New York City Rent Guidelines Board, has a host of NYC housing data, including their own studies on mortgages, income and expense, and their rents, markets and trends reports. It's also a good place to go to find about tenants' rights and rent guidelines. Housing and Vacancy Survey data is available at the citywide level.

Infoshare Database The InfoShare Database provides access to an abundance of data -including housing data and information (including demographics, public housing and nonprofit organizations) - at many levels, including NYC Neighborhood, Community District, Census Tract and by political boundaries. Registration required. Fees required after an introductory period.

New York City Service Atlas if you are looking for nonprofits that provide services in the area of the housing and shelter, the New York City Service Atlas is a great site to use. The site searches by zip code, city council district, neighborhood or community board, and provides area maps.

The New York City Housing and Neighborhood Information System (NYCHANIS) site is up and running, created by the NYU Law School Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy. It allows users to access data from the Housing and Vacancy Survey, Census and a number of other sources, by census tract, community district, sub-borough area, zip code and political districts, and even has mapping capabilities. Username and password required.

NYCity Map The NYCity Map is a great resource for mapping the nearby locations of NYC services for a given address, as well as building and property information, and neighborhood information.



Research housing data demographics If you are looking for demographic data related to housing, you will probably find it through the demographic guide of the UNHP Community Resource Guide.


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