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step 2

What kind of data do you need?

Education Data is also available through these research avenues.

Infoshare Database provides access to an abundance of data -including education and youth data at many levels, including School District, NYC Neighborhood, Community District, Census Tract and by political boundaries.

Kidscount Database For demographic data on children by borough or congressional district, check out the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Kidscount Database.

My Neighborhood Statistics provides surrounding neighborhood statistics for a given address. The given map may be redrawn based on community boards, police precincts, and school districts. Statistics include information on education.

New York City Service Atlas if you are looking for nonprofits that provide services in the area of education, the New York City Service Atlas is a great site to use. The site searches by zip code, city council district, neighborhood or community board, and provides area maps.


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