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step 2
finding the right geographical unit 

To find data for your community, define the precise geographical definition of your service area. Find a set of boundaries (north, south, east, west) for the area which you need data.

Which of the following best describes your area?

a few blocks
a neighborhood
a cluster of neighborhoods
a borough

example --> I am interested in the Northwest Bronx (street map), a region that includes several neighborhoods, so I would select a cluster of neighborhoods.


Mapping Tools

NYC Oasis Mapping Tool Created by a partnership of private and government organizations and offices, the NYC Oasis website generate street maps, aerial photos of neighborhoods, political boundaries, and census tracts showing population and median income.

NYS Social Indicator Project Mapping Tool The New York State Social Indicator Project is a mapping and database tool displaying 2000 census data at the tract level. Click on the Map Application link at the top of page and go to your region to get started. Click on the print button at the top of your map if you want to save it as an image.

NYCity Map The NYCity Map is a great resource for mapping the nearby locations of NYC services for a given address, as well as building and property information, and neighborhood information.

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