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community resource guide - a guide to new york city community-based data

This site is intended as a resource for people in the non-profit sector who need community-specific data.

There are two parts of the site

This part of the site is for users who have a specific piece of information they need and would like some guidance in finding it (eg grant writers). We will attempt to lead you, step-by-step, towards the data you need.

First we will ask you what kind of information you need (demographics, crime, education, health, banking/cra) and then we will guide you towards the most useful places to find that data, often taking you through other websites.

There will often be more than one option. In certain cases, one of the options will probably be easier and/or suit your needs better.

These links will be noted as we recommend this option instead of the normal .

This part of the site is for users who have already used the crg, or are fairly experienced web users. The site is broken up into four main categories:

  • Maps: a collection of district maps for the five boroughs.
  • Community data: an annotated compilation of over 80 internet sites with community-related data, sorted by category.
  • Community resources: another collection of annotated online resources for current community issues, sorted by category.
  • Community geography: a brief introduction to the different geographic boundaries below the county level.

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