May 17, 2024

College Financial Aid 101 for Bronx Students & Families on Zoom

  • Hosted by Fordham Bedford Community Services College Prep Program and UNHP, this Zoom presentation offered by Columbia University Financial Aid Department is for Bronx students planning for college and their families – no matter what college you are considering or how far away that decision is! The presentation will cover:
  • Basics of Financial Aid
  • The Components of the Cost of College
  • Paying for College
  • Timelines for applying for Aid 
  • Types of financial and student aid
  • Scholarship search information

This program will be available for college bound students and parents in English. Questions can be asked in the chat and at the end in both English and Spanish.

All are welcome to attend, and pre-registration is required. The workshop is free and registration is required.  Register at this link to obtain the Zoom link…