May 4, 2022

New Windows and More for the Seniors at Edison Arms!

Thanks to roughly $500,000 of funding secured by UNHP through the NYS Weatherization Assistance Program, Edison Arms, a senior-citizen affordable housing development in Bedford Park will undergo a series of energy-saving renovations.
March 24, 2022

Gambling with Homes, or Investing in Communities?

The UNHP Multifamily Research and Action Center has collaborated with the LISC Research and Evaluation team to investigate the effects of speculation in multifamily housing on tenants. Here we share a bit about the process and the role UNHP and our BIP played in this research.
February 2, 2022

2022 Tax Prep Resources

UNHP is unable to offer our free income tax program in 2022. In this blog post, UNHP shares tax tips and options for free tax prep in NYC.
December 2, 2021

UHC & Montefiore Sign Contract but Healthcare Access Problem is Far from Solved

The December 1st renewal of the UnitedHealthcare and Montefiore Network contract is welcome but does not solve the problem that thousands can lose access to coverage and their doctors and seemingly no City, state or Federal regulation can prevent it.


September 30, 2021

What We Do & Why – Event Finale and Wrap Up!

On Thursday, September 23rd UNHP held the last in its mission-driven event series called What We Do: UNHP & Mission. The six What We Do events + the finale highlighted the unique ways we work to create and preserve affordable housing and bring resources to our Bronx community. Thanks to our many generous donors and sponsors it was also a successful fundraiser to help support our work.
September 8, 2021

This Is What We Do: UNHP & Mission - A Series of Virtual Events and Annual Fundraiser

"This is What We Do" is a series of events that illustrate the unique ways that UNHP works towards its affordable housing and Bronx community service mission as well as an effort to raise funds for that work through sponsorships and donations. Click on this post to learn about the events we have planned and how you can take part.
September 1, 2021

This is What We Do: Bronx NonProfit & Financial Empowerment Exchange

The penultimate event for UNHP’s What We Do event series ( and fundraiser) was a two-day virtual Bronx Nonprofit and Financial Empowerment Exchange. The Webinar provided an in-depth look at credit and its role in building financial stability as well as an opportunity for groups to share challenges and opportunities to help Bronx families and individuals move from housing and financial crisis to stability to financial growth.
August 26, 2021

This is What We Do: Share Resources with Bronx Residents – Covid Relief Webinars

As part of UNHP's This is What We Do series, The Northwest Bronx Resource Center (NWBRC) attracted over 50 participants to two Zoom and Facebook Live webinars, one in English and the other in Spanish, for NWBRC Program Users and Bronx residents. The Webinars provided detailed information about Covid Relief Programs that are available to those struggling due to the impact of the pandemic, including rent relief and funds for excluded workers.


August 13, 2021

This is What We Do: Research & Action - UNHP Multifamily Lenders Meeting

On July 28th we continued our This is What We Do series by highlighting our annual Multifamily Lenders Meeting as an example of how UNHP uses research and action to accomplish its mission to preserve affordable housing. The meeting focused on multifamily finance, specifically, the role that banks play in ensuring decent, habitable affordable housing for Bronx tenants. Read here for a summary of the meeting and the presentation materials.


July 22, 2021

Sympathy Does Not Make It Right - The Fight for Healthcare Amid UHC & Montefiore Dispute

There is still apparently no agreement to restore the network relationship between United Healthcare (UHC) and Montefiore Health System. UNHP has learned a lot as we were faced with the loss of coverage for our staff about these issues and we remain committed to seeing that changes are made - this updated blog shares what we have learned and how we plan to move forward.


Bronx, Healthcare

“UNHP has emerged as a thought leader on multi-family housing distress-a key issue facing all boroughs of New York City.”

— Rafael E. Cestero - President Community Preservation Corporation and former NYC Housing Commissioner